Fired Up Movie Review

Nicholas D’Agosto (Shawn Colfax)
Eric Christian Olsen (Nick Brady)
Sarah Roemer (Carly)

Fired Up is a somewhat unique take on the stereotypical cheerleading movie.

Shawn Colfax and Nick Brady, high school seniors, decide not to waste their last summer by spending it at football camp. Instead, they agree to join the cheerleading squad and spend three weeks at cheer camp surrounded by over 300 beautiful cheerleaders.

They actually end up hooking up with a lot of ’em and having a good time until one of them, Shawn, falls for the gorgeous head cheerleader, Carly, who’s suspicious of their motives. The players are then forced to change their game in order to prove Shawn’s intentions before the thrilling cheer competition finals.

There are a lot of hilarious moments throughout the movie. Most of the jokes are well written with just a hint of realism.

I give Fired Up 7 out of 10 tamales! ūüėé



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