Rock The Kasbah Movie Review

Bill Murray is electric as Richie Lanz, a has-been rock manager from Van Nuys, California who stumbles upon a great female singer, Salima Khan (Leem Lubany), in a remote Afghan cave.

Richie partners with a savvy hooker  (Kate Hudson), a pair of hard partying war profiteers (Danny McBride and Scott Caan) and a hair-trigger mercenary (Bruce Willis) and, braving dangerous cultural prejudices, manages his new protegee into becoming the “Afghan Star.”

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie! It has a very nice balance of comedy and drama. It’s almost a complete return to sharp witted comedy for Bill Murray.

I highly recommend renting it, streaming it and/or buying it.

On a scale of 1 tamale to 10 tamales I give Rock The Kasbah 9.5 tasty tamales!ūüėé



Author: noiselessmadman

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