Deadpool Movie Review

I saw Deadpool quite some time ago and just never bothered reviewing it. I don’t know why because I really like it!

I mean, it’s pretty much as hilarious as I expected it to be. It’s a role that Ryan Reynolds was meant to play.

Perhaps the story is lacking a bit but it’s a good introduction to an otherwise unknown and underrated Marvel character.

Maybe if it had been rated PG-13 instead of R it would’ve resonated more with a younger audience. But then I think the jokes would’ve been toned down way too much.

I’m definitely looking forward to the sequel. I hope Ryan Reynolds reaches new comedic heights.

If you haven’t seen Deadpool yet I definitely recommend it but I don’t recommend letting small children see it. 99% of the jokes are very adult.

On a scale of 1 tamale to 10 tamales I give Deadpool a tasty 8 tamales! ūüėé


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