Martha Marcy May Marlene Movie Review

Elizabeth Olsen
Sarah Paulson
Hugh Dancy
John Hawkes

Director: Sean Durkin
Genre: Drama / Thriller
Rated R

Martha (Elizabeth Olsen) escapes from an abusive cult and reunites with her older sister. Though, the details of her time spent in the cult are sketchy, it quickly becomes clear that her mind has been reprogrammed by the leader Patrick (John Hawkes).

Martha struggles to assimilate back into modern society. Her sister, Lucy (Sarah Paulson), does what she can to make Martha feel comfortable but she has no idea where she was for the past couple of years.

Lucy is also preoccupied with trying to get pregnant so she can start raising her family with husband Ted (Hugh Dancy). Ultimately, they decide to get Martha some professional psychiatric help.

This movie is full of great performances. Elizabeth Olsen really shows her range as an actor. It’s hard to believe she’s related to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The cinematography is quite unique and so is the story.

On a scale of 1 tamale to 10 tamales I give Martha Marcy May Marlene 8 tamales! ūüėé




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