The Forger Movie Review

John Travolta plays an art forger who is released from prison early with the help of a crime lord. Of course, the catch is that he must agree to forge a painting by Claude Monet.

He’s reluctant at first but eventually agrees to do it when he learns that his teenage son’s cancer has become progressively worse and time is of the essence.

Travolta is somewhat convincing as an art forger but even less convincing as a Bostonian. I don’t know who convinced him he could pull off a Boston accent but it just comes off as comical.

The story is pretty good and the rest of the cast gives a fairly decent performance.

If you’re interested in listening to John Travolta talk about Impressionism then The Forger might be right up your alley.

On a scale of 1 tamale to 10 tamales I give it 7 spicy tamales! ūüėé


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