Camp X-Ray Movie Review 

​Camp X-Ray is one of those well made movies that, unfortunately, goes unnoticed by the general viewing public.
Kristen Stewart plays Amy Cole, a first time Guantanamo Bay guard who forges an unexpected friendship with Ali, one of the facility’s longtime detainees. They first strike up a conversation over Harry Potter and other works of literature then move on to sharing more personal details of each other’s lives. Of course, none of the other guards follow her example due to their unsound belief that every single detainee at Guantanamo had some kind of involvement in the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11th. 
At one point, she is unjustly reprimanded by her superior for treating the detainees as the human beings that they are. Still, this does not stop her from having meaningful conversations with Ali.
I didn’t know what to expect from this movie but I was surprised to see a movie accurately portray the absurdities surrounding the “war on terror.” Not to mention, the many inhumane ways in which the detainees are treated.
One interesting thing I learned from this movie is that everything that occurs at Guantanamo is considered to be technically legal under the Geneva Convention because they substitute the word prisoner with the word detainee. Yet, I couldn’t help feeling a sense of disdain over that fact.
I believe Kristen Stewart gives her best performance to date in this movie! She definitely did her research and stretched her acting chops farther than they’ve ever gone before. The story itself is very well written and really makes one think about the dangers of ethnic profiling.
On a scale of 1 tamale to 10 tamales I give Camp X-Ray 8 tamales! 😎


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