Independence Day Resurgence Movie Review (Repost)

​Independence Day Resurgence is awesome! 
Sure, it may have been over-hyped but it is still chock full of alien killing action!
It takes place twenty years after the first movie and depicts an alternate reality in which all countries have united and lived in peace ever since the first invasion. There’s also been a lot of cool technological advancements such as flying vehicles and a global defense system based on the moon.
The story is similar to the first movie but this time the aliens mean business. They show up in a mothership so huge that it literally almost covers half of the Earth! Not to mention, all of the technological advancements they were able to achieve over the course of twenty years makes Earth’s global defense system look like an obsolete gaming console. (Atari comes to mind.)
Most of the original cast returns. Will Smith is the most noticeably missing. Apparently, he wanted to be paid way more this time around. The budget didn’t allow for any one actor to be paid the equivalent of a country’s entire net worth. (Rumor?)
Smith’s character, Steve Hiller, is said to be long deceased. Though, the circumstances surrounding his death are never made quite clear. His son/stepson, Dylan, appears to have followed in his footsteps. Dylan Hiller quickly became captain of his own fighting squad.
It’s also great to see so many other familiar faces. Jeff Goldblum returns in fine form as David Levinson – He now has a well paid position with the government as a tech expert / global defense advisor. Judd Hirsch returns as David’s ever eccentric father, Julius Levinson. Bill Pullman returns as former President Thomas Whitmore – for the past twenty years he’s somehow maintained his telepathic link to the alien invaders. Vivica A. Fox returns as former stripper now turned physician Jasmine Dubrow. Even the once thought deceased Dr. Brackish Okun (Brent Spiner) awakens from a twenty year coma and still looks like your stereotypical reclusive genius scientist.
There’s one very interesting plot twist that I refuse to reveal. It would spoil too much of the movie. (Shame on those of you who have already spoiled it!)
Overall, Independence Day Resurgence is an action packed trip down memory lane… with about fifty percent more alien fight scenes.
On a scale of 1 tamale to 10 tamales I give it a delicious 9 tamales! 😎


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