Foxcatcher Movie Review 

Foxcatcher is based on true events that took place during the late 1980s. Olympic wrestlers/brothers, Dave and Mark Schultz, are recruited by eccentric millionaire John Du Pont to form the next official U.S.A Olympic wrestling team.
However, it quickly becomes clear that Du Pont is less interested in the sport of wrestling and more interested in impressing his aging mother. Thus, he allows his insecurities to get the best of him and takes out his frustrations on Mark and Dave.
Steve Carell, Mark Ruffalo, and Channing Tatum give powerful performances throughout each scene. All of which leads up to a very dramatic conclusion.
On a scale of 1 tamale to 10 tamales I give Foxcatcher a solid 9 tamales! ūüėé

I Love You, Beth Cooper Movie Review 

A nerdy valedictorian proclaims his love for the hottest and most popular girl in school – Beth Cooper – during his graduation speech. Much to his surprise, Beth shows up at his door that very night and decides to show him the best night of his life.
This is definitely one of my favorite teen comedies. Sure, the story isn’t very unique and none of the actors give grade A performances but it’s still a decent movie to watch when you want to take a break from heavy dramas and just laugh your ass off.
Paul Rust is pretty hilarious as Denis Cooverman and Hayden Panettierre is quite fetching as Beth Cooper.
If you like decent teen comedies then I recommend watching I Love You, Beth Cooper.
On a scale of 1 tamale to 10 tamales I give it 8 delicious tamales! ūüėé

Elvis & Nixon Movie Review 

The untold true story behind the meeting between Elvis Presley, the King of Rock ‘n Roll, and President Richard Nixon, resulting in this revealing, yet humorous moment immortalized in the most requested photograph in the National Archives.
I watched this movie on a whim and I’m glad I did because I had no idea that such a meeting actually took place.
Apparently, Elvis really wanted to add an FBI badge to his honorary badge collection. Well… he also wanted to become an undercover agent-at-large but he seemed to mostly care about acquiring that badge. 
He somehow believed that he could go deep undercover and infiltrate popular bands and protest groups in an effort to squelch all protests against the establishment.
Michael Shannon gives a pretty interesting performance as Elvis Presley. He portrays him as a vulnerable yet complex character. Kevin Spacey also gives an equally interesting performance as President Nixon.
If you’re in the mood to watch something satirical then I definitely recommend watching Elvis & Nixon.
On a scale of 1 tamale to 10 tamales I give it 8 tasty tamales! ūüėé

Predestination Movie Review 

Predestination is unlike most time travel movies. Well, it is and it isn’t.
John (Ethan Hawke) is a temporal agent working for an extremely top secret bureau that uses time travel to prevent horrible crimes from happening. The movie begins with John’s last failed attempt at catching a criminal known as the Fizzle Bomber. He prevents a bomb from exploding but gets his face scorched in the process.
Once back at the bureau, his face is reconstructed but doesn’t look quite the same. He still wants to go after the Fizzle Bomber but is told that he must retire and find a suitable replacement. (Temporal agents can only time travel a limited number of times before it starts to affect their physical and mental health.)
So, he travels to 1970s New York City and takes a job as a bartender at a crummy bar. A few weeks later, he strikes up a conversation with a young patron who also happens to be a writer of some notoriety. He eventually proves to be a suitable replacement, John then discloses everything he needs to know about being a temporal agent.
I wish I could go into more detail about the rest of the plot but doing so would really spoil the entire movie. However, I will say that this movie deals with an often ignored aspect of time travel that will really make you think.
If you like scifi movies that make you think I highly recommend it! Even if you don’t like scifi movies that make you think… I still recommend it! I believe everyone should watch Predestination at least once in their lifetime.
On a scale of 1 tamale to 10 tamales I give it 9 delicious tamales! ūüėé

Hail Caesar Movie Review 

In 1950s Hollywood, Eddie Mannix is Capital Pictures’ head of physical production and, most importantly, the studio fixer. His job is to maintain the clean reputation of the company and its stars, keeping them free from controversy. Mannix is advised that studio star Baird Whitlock has disappeared after not showing up for work on the current production of “Hail Caesar, a Tale of Christ’s Life.” He initially believes Whitlock has been drinking, but receives a call from a group of communists who claim to have kidnapped him and want a ransom. As Mannix gathers the cash, he simultaneously deals with an unhappy director who is working on another project, while innocent young starlet DeeAnna Moran is pregnant and unmarried. Mannix must handle all of this while keeping the gossip columnists off the scent. When Mannix is approached by an aviation company with an offer of a less-hectic, and rather lucrative, job, he must ultimately determine his true skills and passions.
This movie is so bad that it’s actually quite good!
The entire star studded cast gives superb performances. Now, I’m not well versed in the history of early Hollywood but most of the scenes do seem to be fairly accurate recreations of movies from the 1950s. 
If you like ridiculous movies that’ll make you laugh out loud then I recommend watching Hail, Caesar!
On a scale of 1 tamale to 10 tamales I give it 8 tamales! ūüėé

Me and Earl and The Dying Girl Movie Review 

This movie is based on the novel by Jesse Andrews. I gotta admit, I read the book before watching the movie and the book is definitely way better!
Greg Gaines is your somewhat typical teenage loner whose only friend is a smart mouthed kid named Earl. He and Earl spend most of their free time making terrible remakes of their favorite movies.
One day, Greg’s mom tells him that a classmate of his, Rachel, has been diagnosed with a form of leukemia (cancer). She then coaxes him into spending as much time with her as possible. And so begins the forging of an awkward friendship with Rachel.
Most of the humor is supplied by Earl. Although, in the book, his comedic timing is much more present and unrated.
I really don’t like the fact that the story is very condensed and certain details are omitted. Most of them are details that really add an extra layer of depth and character development.
I guess movie adaptations will always bastardize their source material in some way. I suppose if you watch the movie before reading the book you’ll enjoy it.
Overall it’s a pretty hilarious and heartfelt movie.
On a scale of 1 tamale to 10 tamales I give it a tasty 8 tamales! ūüėé