Jason Bourne Movie Review 

​Jason Bourne is the 100th installment in the Bourne movie franchise. Well, it’s technically the fifth but it might as well be the 100th.
Matt Damon reprises his now infamous role as super strong, super smart Jason Bourne. It’s been ten years since he walked away from the agency that trained him to become a deadly weapon. When a former colleague, Nicky Parsons, tracks him down he is quickly pulled back into the highly classified world of CIA espionage.
I must admit that I really don’t remember much from the other Bourne movies and that’s no doubt the reason why I felt so lost during some scenes in which Bourne flashes back to important scenes from his past. Nevertheless, it’s still a pretty action packed movie.
One awesome action sequence in particular involves Jason Bourne chasing a bad guy down the Las Vegas strip. I won’t divulge all the details but some serious damage occurs.
Overall, I give Jason Bourne 8 out of 10 tamales! 😎

Author: noiselessmadman

I write about movies, current events, art, literature, music and lots of other awesome stuff!

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