A Stand Up Guy Movie Review 

Sammy Lagucci (Danny A. Abeckaser) is a lovable loser who just wants to do right by his daughter. When he finds out the gangsters he runs with are planning to take him out, he enters the Witness Protection program to protect himself and his family. Going from The Big Apple to a small town in Wisconsin gets him down at first, but on a dare he does an impromptu stand-up comedy routine and finds he has a knack for it. His act goes viral, and what should be a blessing turns into a curse when his newfound fame gets the attention of the mob.
I did not like this movie. The first half really drags on and nothing interesting happens until the latter half. But by then most of the story loses its steam.
There are a handful of hilarious lines; none of which are uttered by the main character, Sammy. I’ve yet to see any of Danny A. Abeckaser’s actual stand up performances but if this movie is any indication of his brand of comedy then I would prefer to remain oblivious.
I suppose this movie might appeal to a very select group of people who like dry humor. Though, I could be wrong.
On a scale of 1 tamale to 10 tamales I give A Stand Up Guy 6 tamales! 😎


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